John Curry
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Linda Chavis
Society Hill, SC
The music is inspired!!! I could feel the love of the music deep within me.

Debi Samson
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Really peaceful, yet surprisingly refreshing!!! Love it!!! Good Luck with it!!!

Maryland, USA
John, THANK YOU! What a magnificent contribution to the world of music. What really touches my heart is what you write about each song when you click on its title. Very different and very provoking.

United States
Wow.. very cinematic... I love it !!

Richardson, TX
John, I've heard Lost Way - it's beautiful and deep! Thanks for the reference... Your compositions are very rich... I'll explore more your site. Thanks for sharing!

Robin Yerxa Hardey
Dallas Tx
Your music is beautiful...

I just heard your music today via CC. Thanks again for sharing your ministry gift.

Wonderful...At the time of writing this, I've heard 'An Encounter' thrice and each time it felt as if I am hearing a new piece..loved the arrangement..I am no music guru, but I can surely tell that you are immensely talented..Would love to hear you live, maybe on a rainy day when we are not playing tennis..hehe!!

Pearland Tx
This is music that makes your Spirit man want to rest in the lap of the Lord. Then step into the heavenly throne room of God. WOW !!

Tampa, Florida
The most wonderful thing about your beautiful music is that you've used this precious gift for the glory of God. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

Wichita, KS
The fresh, sweet harmonies of "First Love Again" swept over and ministered to me this morning. Thank you for this anointed blessing.

Doylestown PA
I really enjoyed your light, uplfting instrumental music! Thank you for sharing this link!! Blessings, John.

Brenda Norwood
Katy, Texas USA
Your music is as beautiful just like you. I am glad to know you.

Carson City, NV
Nevada lost a real gem when you moved but your music is always with us and a great joy.

Dallas, Tx
I was greatly moved my many of your inspiring works of musical art.

Colorado Springs
When music moves you to introspection without words, you know that it is from God.

Orillia, ON Canada
I am overwhelmed by the beauty of this music. I have been listening to these incredible arrangements all day, and they soothe, inspire, and uplift! I am moved to tears, and great joy.
thank you so very much God, for blessing John with such talent and sensitivity.

Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil
"The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in Him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoices; and with my song will I praise Him;" Psalm 28:7
John, you are blessed by God, to bless others. What a talent and wonderful music!

Elia Ferrell
Newport News VA/Campina Grande, Brazil
You are such a gift of God! As a person of prayer, spirit-led prayer...these rivers flow deep and wide. Even sounding the deep and bottomless things of God...KEEP SOUNDING!!!!

Absolutely beautiful.... what a talent God has blessed you with!

San Carlos, CA
God's Spirit moves through your music. Thank you for making it available.

Mary Lynn Dodson
Amarillo, Texas
Your love of music rings true. In "Lost Way" I hear Beethoven . . . a New twist on his lost melancholy. And, a most interesting contrast to "A 5th Season," my two personal favorites!

Scottsdale, AZ
Beautiful, love the music. The China one's remind me of my month spend in Beijing for the Olympics.

peggy truax
ontario canada
Loved your music...I can feel the Lords work in it

Saw your profile on Christian Cafe and followed the link to your music!

Bonnie Clyne
Leesburg, FL, USA
Awesome, worshipful music that magnifies the Lord! I love it!

Vicky Padilla
Costa Rica
It's very beautiful. Thank you for sharing this link. Really touches my heart.

God bless and keep you.

Hampton, VA. USA
I like your music, no doubt God has blessed and inspired you in this great work. I can bet that you have inspired many. Keep up the good work and thank you.

Wilton, ME
Beautiful music. Thank you.

denise frenette
Toronto, ON Canada
Listened to Encounter, and Where the Winds come from

Beautiful! I really enjoyed that! I could definitely see myself inspired while doing housework/dishes to such beautiful music, given over to Him, the Creator Father from whom our creative beauty derives!! Thank you john curry!

Ruth Hoedebeck
Dallas, TX
Very soothing, yet uplifting. Unique, truly a gift of God.

Lea Maria
Thank you - beautiful!
May our Father bless you richly as you keep on digging into the wells of deep water..

You have exceptional talent. So glad I stopped by to listen. I will return when time permits to listen again and chose some to purchase. I wish you all the best with your endeavor. May God bless you.

Nancy Forrest
Oregon City, Oregon
I thank the Lord for the gifts He has given you. Your music is mesmerizing and takes me to a place where I create lovely pictures in my mind. Truly delightful to hear and enjoy John. May the Lord give you insight and wisdom and fulfill your heart's desire with it!

Thanks so much for sharing it!

Blessings abundant! Nancy

His Heart
Loveland Co USA
John, your music is a gift from God, Thank you for being a vessel for him to work through.

Porter, Texas
Such beautiful music and a great profile. I know God has something special for you!!

woooa I am inspired!
As I was listening to your music, all of a sudden, I thought of a scripture and a song called "Sing over me" - then I just had to worship.... :-) thanks

Hampton, VA
: ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

I LIKE your music!

I hope that it sells like hot cakes!

: ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

Concord, NC, USA
(Joy) It was a JOY to listen to...very refreshing!

Dannie Lynn
Spokane, WA USA
This music is like a zephyr to my soul! Thanks for sharing :)

victoria cheryl
Hello John,..a gift of worship and adoration unto our Lord. I too am a musician, a gifting given to me from the Lord,...when one plays an instrument unto worship, it brings many into the presence of the Lord, your musical gift draws ones heart to gentle worship, the secret place of Gods Heart, this day a new sound is coming fourth from heaven, and we minstrels pick it up, its amazing, The glory of the Lord, your music touched my heart, what a blessing you are.

He Is The Way, The Truth and The Life. (The Song) How Beautiful!


Michelle Hirsch
Colleyville, Tx
Peaceful, serene and undeniable talent. I throughly enjoyed! Thank you.

Teresa Weigel
Savage MN
This beautiful music touches the heart with such tender tones!
I love it!

Grapevine, TX
Very compelling and inspiring songs. Some also relaxing and peaceful. I could feel healing deep into my soul!

Longivew TX
Enjoyed. Hope you continue to submit your talents to His leadership. Relaxing (or at least the piece I listened to was)

Kyle, Texas
"May you be blessed by the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth". (Psalm 115:15, NIV)

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

Your music is awesome! Love that epic stuff!

Jeannie Miller-Egan
Tulsa.OK U.S.A.
John, Wow! Words fail me. I have never heard music that calms and inspires me like your music does

Beautiful....restful totally enjoyed it.

Karen Norris
Highland Village, TX
You have a beautiful gift!

Waco-area, TX
YOU are your music.
It is you.
I hear your heart.
It is huge.
Your contributions to the world are excellent.

Sacramento, CA
Enjoying your music John! I am also a musician and a worshipper, and your music touches my heart, and I know the Father's. Thanks so much for sharing it!

Kerrville, TX USA
Love the melodic...could hear the flute sound which is what I play...........Truly you are an artist... Keep playing, Keep loving and God bless..

Lead, SD USA
Wow Brother; what beautiful music! I especially love Joy! Do you have your music online? I listen to Live365 and your awesome inspirational music would fit right in there.
You really have a gift and I pray that God will use it to bless many people and you too!

Nacogdoches, Texas USA
Your music is so intense it stirred my heart.

God has blessed you with such an awesome gift.

May HE continue to bless you and keep you in His awesome grace.

I love the content on your web sites. Thanks a ton.

France Marie
Your skillful gift of music blesses me my brother. As a worshiper of Jesus, I see you have spent quality moments of time in the presence of our Lord in adoration and willing surrender.