John Curry
Inspired by a range of music styles from Jazz Fusion, Folk, to Ambient Music, to Soundtracks, John's instrumental 12 string guitar music conveys excitement and beauty, with an occasional twist of melancholy.

An accomplished 12 string guitar and synthesizer player, John's unique acoustic guitar style and arrangements portray melodic arpeggio's, masterful rhythms layered with free-form lead melodies, and express a distinctive and exciting sound from this Christian recording artist. John has scores of acoustic guitar and synthesizer pieces, providing a variety of melodic and tasteful musical portraits.

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Listeners say:
- "Beautiful! I love your arrangements" (An Encounter)
- "Truly, this song speaks of the heart/soul", & "Promoted many emotions and thoughts for me" (Lost Way)
- "An exceptional piece of work" (Quiet Contemplation)