John Curry

Inspired by a range of music styles from Jazz Fusion, Folk, Ambient Music, to Oldies, John's instrumental music conveys excitement and beauty, with an occasional twist of melancholy. An accomplished 12 string guitar and synthesizer player, John has been writing, recording, and playing for over two decades.

John's unique style on 12 string acoustic guitar of melodic arpeggio's, masterful rhythmic strumming, layered with free-form lead melodies, express a distinctive and exciting sound from this recording artist. John has scores of acoustic guitar pieces, with as many synthesizer arrangements.

His synthesizer layers add a melodic and tasteful background to his guitar work.

Listeners say:

- "An exceptional piece of work", & "Haunting sound and melody--pulled me in." & "Very nice, relaxing feeling song. You not only hear great guitar but you feel the artist." (Quiet Contemplation)

- "Beautiful! Love it! I love your arrangements", "Your music is beautiful", "Nice piece of music. I enjoyed the listen. Nice harmonic and melodic movement and I really enjoyed the double time feel around 3:00 minutes where it had kind of a Pat Metheny folksy/jazzy groove going." (An Encounter)

- "I really enjoyed listening to the musical composition's organic feel and the blending of genres, & I was blown away by this tune! Excellent from start to finish. The transitions were unique and flawless...the instrumentation was world class..." (Fresh Every Morning)

- "Truly, this song speaks of the heart/soul", & "Promoted many emotions and thoughts for me", & "I think this is a beautiful piece. The string arrangement interwoven with the piano is gorgeous.", & "Your music is a blessing to my soul, and a sweet sound to our Father in heaven." (Lost Way)

- "Lovely bright timbre in guitar. GREAT performance! Excellent combination of chops AND expressiveness." (Life)

- "Good guitar performances and were those real strings? This is outstanding work! & "I can picture it as a soundtrack in a movie" (Searching)

- "I didn't know Leo Kottke was still playing! Very well played guitar. A poetic melody immersed in textural guitar tones." (Shining In DeLight)

- "Pretty" (When All Is Well)

- "Sounds are almost Chick Corea - ish. Nice use of different acoustic sounds with synth. Good lead work and very original arrangement concept. Great use of stereo panning.", & "Very talented here, perfect for film" (Joy)

- "Very nice work. Cool arrangement", & Very ethereal and dreamy. Relaxing to listen to." (China View)

Professional Reviewers say:

- "Curry's jewel-like tone and sensitive fingering create a beautiful aural world of swirling melodies that makes us think of a phalanx of pirouetting ballerinas. Dreamy."
(Where The Wind Comes From) Guitar Player Magazine

- "The 12-string playing is superb and the piece is well arranged & produced." (An Encounter)

- "The performance is excellent." (Shining in DeLight)

- "Fine piano line that lends itself well to the dissonance in the string harmonies. Music evokes strong visual imagery in the listener. Interesting and imaginative instrumental song." (Lost Way)

- "The 12 string guitar is an appealing choice of instrument. 1st melodic theme has fine appeal. "B" section is well timed, and offers good melodic contrast to the previous section. The bridge or build section adds a fine dynamic build that really lifts the song. You have a good understanding of melodic development...Well crafted song..." (An Encounter)

- "It's good to hear appealing melodic themes in each song. Your arrangements show imaginative skills, and the ability to weave in counterpoint melody lines in a seamless fashion. This skill is not evidenced in many of the instrumental songs I hear day to day. The timbre of each instrument is also well chosen, as each song has its own color and flavor to it..."

- "I very much like the variety of your writing styles and the fine craft and music performances that went into the making of these songs."

- I feel the varied style of your music has its own unique appeal. It is hard to put your music in a category box.